Dr. Sunitha is incredible. Not only she has taken great care of my health, but also she is lovely to speak with. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. It was a very long suffering to me from cold, multiple sneezing especially in cold climatic conditions taking breath itself is very difficult. Within few days after I started my medicine I had a tremendous change in me. I started feeling comfortable even in coldest temperatures.

Thanks to Dr.Sunitha.

Satya Sree

Dr. Sunitha is a great doctor. I showed my daughter to Dr. Sunitha for her stomach pain, fever and cold. Those homeopathic medicines what Dr Sunitha gave us works very well on my daughters sickness. And specially my daughter likes Dr. Sunitha and her medicines. She truly cares about her patients. I consider myself lucky to have found her.


Dr. Sunitha is a wonderful doctor. She is very patient in listening to the issues and gives right medications. My son has seasonal allergies from childhood and he was always on allergy medications and nasal sprays. Nothing used to help him in winters and he was mostly sick. Sunitha's medication worked like a charm for him and he was so happy to take it. His immunity boosted and his winters are great now! I would strongly recommend Sunitha for all types of issues.


Dr. Sunitha helped my son when he had bad cold and allergy. We usually go to her for homeopathic medication. It is much easier to get medication from her than go to other doctors and much reasonable. She is knowledgeable and I would strongly recommend her for all the medical homeopathy related


Dr.Sunitha is a kind hearted doctor and generous in nature. She treats her patients with care. I reached out to her when I got my report which showed that I had a Fibroid in my uterus and I was really shocked about it and got scared on how I am going to treat that. She immediately took care of my case and gave assurance that its curable and prescribed the medicines. I used them for 6 months and took scan and the fibroid and cyst were totally disappeared in the report. I felt very happy and thanked her. Also she is friendly and nice to share our health concerns with her if we have any. She cares for everyone and took their situations in to mind.

Its my great time I feel always that I found Sunitha and reached out her.

Thanks to Dr.Sunitha.I strongly recommended any one to reach out to her for your concerns and take her treatment.

Patient from Fremont.

Thanks to Dr Sunitha Bandari, Homeopathic Consultant for the good care, concern and commitment given to me for the past one month in treating my cronic cold and cough successfully. Dr Sunitha's compassionate attention and professional care helped me to get rid of my problem. I feel blessed to know her and have her as my doctor.

Thanks to Dr Sunitha who is truely a remarkable doctor and professional that any one can respect and trust.

Vijay Kumar P,

Sr Branch Manager Rtd.


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Thanks to Homeopathy Dr. Sunitha .she is truly remarkable and kind doctor as well as professional.

I have been suffering from stomach disorders and severe gastric problems lately it was so bad day by day So I was looking for good Doctor for the same . I found online Dr. Sunitha. She was very professional and kind doctor. she gave me medication then i got best result with in just one month and every after 10 days she was follow up my health requirments. I glad i felt better after using these medicines and i personally highly recommend her as a doctor to regarding any health issue and medical problem you are suffering. Anyone can trust her as a best doctor.


Mountain house.

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I have been aware of homeopathy and it’s benefits since I was in India .But did not use it for many years. But after coming to USA, especially during pandemic, my kids were often getting cold and cough. Since they were toddlers, no medication was allowed other than few over the counter . My daughter (2 years ) had got cough and was not reducing on continuous usage of allopathy medications what ever were available over the counter, we contacted Dr. Sunitha, she gave us medicines and by morning we saw tremendous improvement in her health. There was another occasion when I had severe sinus for around 2.5 weeks on and off, I kept taking tablets in vain. I contacted Dr. Sunitha, she gave me medicine, she called back very next morning to check on improvement, when I said it did not work much , she again revised medicine and gave which worked very well. She is very concerned and accountable Dr. She prayerfully approaches her patients. She gives Medicines and also checks the progress of medicine she gives . She has become our family doctor. My father in law had post COVID cough, which also was cured by Dr Sunitha’s medication. I would approach her again n again.

Shiny Sharon.

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Thanks to Dr. Sunitha, I have been suffering with severe allergies lately it was so bad, i was prescribed inhalers and medicines which were making me very weak and lethargic. They seem to help me at the moment but i was not ready to rely on inhalers. So was looking for some other alternatives. I found Dr. Sunitha. She was very professional and trustworthy, she gave me medication and switched them time to time to meet my health requirements. It took time but glad i felt better after using these medicines.

ssmahavadi from Mountain House, CA.

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